Newcomers sometimes have the misconception that Spiritism╣, especially in it's practice of mediumship, is a deceptive fallacy, a sacrilegious practice,  or simply dangerous.  The truth, however, is quite to the contrary.

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It must be clear that this website is about Spiritism, as codified by Allan Kardec.  Kardec used that name of Spiritism, in his time, to distinguish it from spiritualism, which umbrellas all philosophies that pertain to the survival of the soul.  Kardec also wanted to emphasize the implications of the interactions between the material and spiritual worlds.  Today, a simple search on the internet will quickly demonstrate that even the term "Spiritism" is used for many things, including beliefs that differ from, and in some cases are even opposed to, Kardec's concept. Therefore, we use the term with the understanding that we are referring to the "Spiritism" that follows the foundation laid by Kardec and the superior spirits who worked with him and his team of collaborators.