Part 1

Once we have established that mediumship is a natural occurrence, the question then becomes, "Is there a danger in communicating with the Spirit World?"  Some may ask this question, believing that such communications open the door to the possibilities of evil and destructive powers. This idea, however, does not account for the innumerable messages from spirits that encourage love and benevolence toward others, faith in God, and moral progression.  Still, we can not deny that just as there are loving and positive communications, we also witness those laced with bitterness, hatred, and maliciousness.  

Does this mean, then, that we should renounce and forbid all communications?  No.  First of all, for some mediums, the communications, which are a natural happening,  are strong and will occur, despite the medium's conscious attempts to hinder them.  Likewise, there are many mediums who are unaware of their interactions with the discarnate beings around them, yet they experience the effect of such interactions on their physical and mental states, which can cause them suffering if such influences are of a negative nature and the medium is unaware of their existence and thereby unable to control them. Others are vaguely aware or suspicious of the presence of spirits around them, but do not find answers to the questions that arise in their minds. Thus, ungratified curiosity, or even fear, may persist.

In addition to the above, the practice of mediumship, when exercised intelligently and with charitable intensions, represents a way in which the incarnate beings of the material world and the discarnate beings of the spirit world can collaborate in loving work that benefits, in many different ways, the beings of both worlds.

So, to answer the questions above, yes, there actually is a potential danger in the practice of mediumship, but no, we should not renounce or forbid such communications.  The best answer is education, which will allow for the charitable collaboration between the two realms, the ease of suffering and the fulfillment of responsibilities assumed by spirits of both worlds, and the progression of our knowledge regarding the eternal life of the spirit, while at the same time, protecting  us from the dangers of a negative influence.