Part 2

Education about mediumship can be found in Spiritist texts, especially in "The Medium's Book", as well as numerous other resources that provide further explanations and teachings. Students of Spiritist teachings on mediumship will learn about:

Likewise, a good medium must have not only a good heart, but a great deal of humility as well, recognizing not only that he or she is only an instrument and not the source of inspiring and enlightening messages, but also the responsibility that mediumship represents and the duty that he or she has to use the mediumship accordingly; otherwise, the medium risks losing the company and aid of good-natured spirits, and sometimes his or her mediumship faculty.  To the contrary, if the medium does not work toward overcoming his or her shortcomings in patience, tolerance and forgiveness, and instead carries on with immoral thoughts and behaviors, or if he or she uses the faculty of mediumship in a self-interested way or especially with ill-willed intentions, then this medium will only attract spirits of an inferior nature, which can lead to anything from frivolous communications of no benefit to anyone, to those that are quite evil in nature, depending on the moral nature and degree of vigilance in the medium.  This can be dangerous not only to the extent of the given communication but to the possibility of strong influence, even to the point of dominance that a spirit can come to exercise over a medium who is not careful.  

Again, the key to protection from spirits of an inferior nature is continuous study and efforts toward moral reform on behalf of the medium.  This is encouraged by Spiritism and aided by the many resources available to its students.