Spiritism does not teach us that we are "forgiven for our sins" because of Jesus' death on the cross.  In fact, God does not condemn, therefore he does not need to forgive.  Instead, God allows us to make amends for our our mistakes, through the educational and reparatory process of reincarnation.

In his book, "Spiritist Theology", Palhano Jr. comments on the instrument of crucifixion, created and used by the Romans to punish slaves, criminals and political dissidents, describing the cruel process that he says "awakened the deepest horror".  He then writes:, "The symbol of the cross, since the crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth, has been a sign of sacrifice, renouncement, and suffering, undergone out of love for others."   The author also cites the following quotation from the spirit, Emmanuel, in the book "Paul and Stephen":

Christ's cross is a symbol of perfect balance.  A horizontal line and a vertical line, juxtaposed, forming an absolutely straight figure.  Yes, the instrument of Jesus' plead sent a silent message.  It was necessary to be just, without favoritism or false inclination.  The master loved everyone, equally.  

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