No one escapes the law of reincarnation.

Yesterday, we betrayed the confidence of a companion, leading him to moral downfall.

Today, we still have in the form of a difficult relative, someone who demands our incessant sacrifice.

Yesterday, we abandoned the young woman who loved us by encouraging her to plunge into the pool of vice.

Today, we have her back as a misunderstood daughter who is in need of our love.

Yesterday, we implanted pride and vanity in the bosom of a brother who was following our least desirable examples.

Today, we share with him, as a despotic husband or a problem child, the bitter chalice of redemption.

Yesterday, we forgot long-standing engagements, driving someone to suicide.

Today, we receive the same spirit as a son or daughter who is burdened by an irreversible disease, guiding him or her, through tears and suffering, in the work of readjustment.

Yesterday, we abandoned the inexperienced companion, leaving her, for want of all assistance, to fall into the clutches of delinquency.

Today, we find her at our side, in the person of the perturbed and suffering wife, demand our abiding and indefatigable tolerance.

Yesterday, we lacerated the sensitive souls of affectionate and devoted parents, causing their spirits to bleed from dagger thrusts of ingratitude.

Today, we are caught in the brambles, in the form of a troubled home, bearing burdens of anguish in order to learn how to inculcate affection and fidelity.

In the face of all difficulties and trials, always give thanks and do your best.

Help those who share their experience with you, pray for those who persecute you, smile at those who injure you and pardon all those who hurt you.

Humility is the key to our freedom.

And regardless of what your obstacles in the family may be, it is necessary to recognize that all moral edification, in the kingdom of God begins in the home.