Charity is, above all, friendship.

For one who is hungry, it is a plate of soup.

For one who is sad, it is a consoling word.

For one who is evil, it is the patience that we must achieve to be of assistance.

For one who is desperate, it is the heartfelt aid.

For one who is ignorant, it is an unpretentious teaching.

For one who is ungrateful, it is to forget.

For one who is ill, it is a personal visit.

For the student, it is a learning opportunity .

For the children, it is constructive support.

For the elderly, it is a brotherly shoulder.

For the antagonist, it is silence.

For a friend, it is encouragement.

For one who is misguided, it is understanding.


For one who is proud, it is humility.

For one who is hotheaded, it is calm.

For one who is lazy, it is work without imposition.

For the impulsive, it is serenity.

For the thoughtless, it is tolerance.

For the slanderer, it is a kind remark.

For the disinherited of Earth, it is a tender expression.

Charity is love, in a never-ending and ever-growing manifestation.

It is the sun of a thousand faces, shining upon all; it is the genii with a thousand hands, aiding, without ostentation, in the work of goodness.

Wherever you may be, among the just or the unjust, the good or the evil, happiness or unhappiness... wherever the spirit of the Lord is present, perpetual clarity will be scattered for the benefit of the entire human race.

Emmanuel/ Francisco C. Xavier