You ask for better health.

First, however, help the invalid in even more serious condition.

You ask on behalf of your son.

First, however, protect the child of another who is in greater need.

You ask for a specific favor.


First, however, relieve the worry of another undergoing a trial more severe than your own.

You ask for fraternal cooperation against the obsession which bedevils you.

First, however, extend your hands to the obsessed person who is without the resources already at your disposal.

You ask pardon for the error committed.

First, however, pardon, unconditionally, those who have wounded your heart.

You ask for support for you existence.

First, however, be a consolation and refuge for the brother you find weeping along your way.

You ask for happiness.

First, however, sow love and happiness in the heart of your fellow man.

You seek a solution to some problem or another.

First, however, try to eliminate some problem your fellow man.

You ask for cooperation.

First, however, collaborate on behalf of those who sweat and groan in the rear guard.

You ask for the assistance of kind spirits.

First, however, be yourself a kind spirit by aiding others.

Every entreaty, in some way, resembles a payment order, requiring credit if it is to be paid.

Without foundations, a house will lack equilibrium.

One source sustains another.

If we want assistance, let us learn to assist.

André Luiz