When you think about pain, you are evoking the presence of misfortune. When you meditate about evil, you intensify its continuation. When you think about sadness, you increase the sorrow. When you harbor distrustful thoughts, you weaken your own faith. When you stop to acknowledge the suffering of others, the world transforms itself into a hospital in your eyes. When you allow yourself to enjoy pleasures of a lower standard, you invite negative forces that will serve you in a deplorable manner. When you allow yourself to become exasperated and rebel, the Earth transforms itself into an unhappy prison.

When you think, however, of the pleasure of the work, the work will become joyous to you. When you meditate about goodness, goodness will come to your aid. When you think about the Divine Benevolence, the struggle will seem like a blessing. When you have an understanding of faith, optimism and security will protect your struggling soul. When you recognize the merits of your brothers, the fraternity will illuminate your eyes towards your life's goal. When you exert effort in improving yourself, Heaven will manifest itself in your favor. When you cultivate humility, the Law of God will recognize your spiritual evolvement.

Do not abandon your inner transformation.

Your desire = your goal.

Your conscience = your guide.

The currents that lead us to either the resplendent summits of life or the darkest abyss of death are born in our own heart.

Ismael Souto/ Francisco C. Xavier
Relicario de Luz (Reliquary of Light)