Dear friends,

Jesus Christ bless us for the hours dedicated to good. Let us remember his promise: "I came, so that you would have life in abundance."

More than just a promise, Jesus' words were an signal to our souls that we are never alone when facing the struggles that would come, and that still come today, for all those who are at work.

The problems that seem to increase, the difficulties that are ever-present, the inquietudes of moral character, the persecutions, in other words the problems of the world, all those anguishing occurrences that leave man perplexed and sometimes seeking explanations, have, in the words of Christ, the certainty of aid and solution.


Man cannot and should not forget that he is not alone. It is important that everyone keep this in their heart: no one is alone, no one is left without support and protection, and no matter how difficult the problems of human life may be, do not ever forget that the Father, God, and the Master, Jesus, are directing everyone and everything.

In those moments of anguish and affliction, donít ever forget this affirmation from Christ. If he came to give us life in abundance, then he came, to save, protect, direct, guide, and say to each of us that he would not be far from us.

To those who think about quitting the fight, lean on him; to those who are almost giving up, do not forget him; to those who are undergoing moments of torment, remember his curative power. To all those who have not yet experienced the faith in themselves, try to understand that faith is part of the manís life, itís a part of manís progress; it is necessary, however, that man seek out this help, that he does not become like the image of a rock, which is static, but that instead, he walk in the direction of this rescue, in the direction of Jesus.

Let us walk, in quest of love and peace in Christ, and not seeking in him only our rescue. Let us know how to continue forward, like one who asks for life so as to live happy, contented, calm, and working always on that which has been given to him to do.

May God comfort all the suffering hearts and help all those that seek him. God sustains us all!

To those who are experiencing difficult moments on Earth, be confident that tranquil times will come, when the great peace will be felt be us all.

May God help us to understand that peace and to make good use of the the resources given to us.

Go, all of you, with God. Thanks be to God! May Jesus bless us all!

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