Wherever you may be, you represent the name which distinguishes you, the idea which directs you, the clothing which protects you and the marks which identify you.

For your own benefit, donít forget to carry with you wherever you may be, the energy for patience, which will guarantee you serenity.

If someone announces imminent catastrophes, as if he had the voice of darkness in his throat, listen to him patiently and you will see that life goes on, above all the calamities, like the sun which shines unwavering above all the cloudbursts.

When trials come to you like a destructive high wind, suffer in patience and you will draw renewed strength from it, like a tree that is revitalized through the anguish of pruning.

In the face of the blow that strikes to your very heart, bear with patience the pain of readjustment, and you will bravely heal the wounds of the heart by winning the laurels of experience.

You suffer an unexpected injury from those persons who owe you affection, nevertheless, endure it with patience and, on the morrow, they will be more affectionate and better friends to you.

Tolerate the destination of beloved companions who leave you with the burden of accumulated, difficult tasks, and patiently continue, all the same, with the work the world has reserved for you, and later your ideals and services will be raised up into nourishment and shelter on behalf of these same friends.

Irritation is defeat in advance. Complaint is a postponement of the right course of action.

To demand is to complicate.

To censure is to destroy.

Amid all the evil done to you, practice patience, assuring your own restoration.

And whenever we may be induced to condemn someone for some fault or other, let us review our own weaknesses, and we will quickly realize that we are still able to function, only because of Godís inexhaustible patience.