"The world has plenty of gold.

Gold in the soil, in the sea, in the coffers.

But gold does not solve the problem of poverty."

"The world has plenty of space.

Space in the continents, in the cities, in the fields.

But space does not solve the problem of greed."

"The world has plenty of culture.

Culture in education, knowledge, and opinions.

But the culture of intelligence does not solve the problem of selfishness."

"The world has plenty of theories.

Theories in the sciences, in philosophical schools, in religions.

But theories do not solve the problem of despair."

"The world has plenty of organizations,

Organizations in the area of administration, economy, and welfare.

But these organizations do not solve the problem of crime."

"To extinguish the sore of ignorance, which fosters poverty;

to dissipate the shadow of greed, which creates illusions;

to exterminate the monster of selfishness, which promotes war;

to neutralize the germ of despair, which promotes insanity; and

to remove the torrent of crime, which drags along misery,
the only efficient therapy is the Gospel of Jesus inside the human heart."


"Let us, therefore, be courageous, expanding the Spiritist doctrine, which rescues the Gospel from a literal interpretation, making it an instrument for the formation of the new humanity, radiating the divine master's inspiration and influence through our emotions and ideas; through our rules of conduct and behavior; through our words and example; and, echoing the reasoning behind Allan Kardec's unforgettable statment on charity, let us proclaim to the problems of the world: "Without Christ there is no solution."

Bezerra de Menezes / Francisco C. Xavier