The Philosophy of Spiritism


Philosophy Basics

 Fundamental Principles of Spiritist Philosophy


About Spirits and Reincarnation



What are Spirits?
(Definition, Origin, Physical Nature, Perispirit )

True Home

Spirit Attributes

Other Spirit Characteristics
(Travel;  Perceptions and Sensations;  Tendencies, Vices & Virtues)

Spirit Hierarchy

The Perispirit, or Spirit Body

 Influence of Spirits in Our Lives

 See also: Science Investigates:
 Finding Proof of the Eternal Spirit


Reincarnation Basics

Evolution via Reincarnation

 A Proven Theory

 Divine Justice 

 The Universe Evolves 


Reincarnation: A Spirit's Journey

An Incarnation Begins: 
Planning and Birth

 Life in the Material World

"Death"- A Return to the  Spirit World

 Life in the Spirit Realm