Penal Code of the Life to Come

A Spiritist explanation of our spiritual evolution, under
the compassionate
laws of God's divine justice.


About This Video

Watch and discover why hell and eternal punishment do not exist. Learn how, instead, we are immortal and evolving spirits, blessed with the privilege and responsibility of free will, and how our own choices determine the pace at which we journey toward our goal of purification and happiness.

Find out how our journey through multiple lives and our in-between stays in the spirit realm take us through the ups and downs of life, as spirits on a course of moral and intellectual development.

Find comfort in understanding that suffering has both a purpose and an end that is in our own hands and why there is always reason to have hope for a better tomorrow!



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Divine Justice
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 Talk given at the 6th U.S. Spiritist Symposium, in May, 2012.
Video posted on YouTube by SpiritistNetwork.   Length 28 minutes