The spiritual realm is the principle world in the universe, and it is the true home of spirits.  The spirits tell us that this spirit world is pre-existent to, and survives, everything of the material worlds.  Spirits actually spend most of their time in this realm and live relatively short periods of time incarnated in the material realm, similar to a student who goes away to school.

Where is this spiritual world?  The spirit realms exist throughout all of the universe, even along side our material world here on Earth.  Mediums throughout time have witnessed spirits here among us, occupying the very spaces that we humans do.  The spirits confirm that here on Earth, we have spirits all around us. Additionally, the spirits have informed us that diverse spiritual spheres are situated around the Earth, each one in its own vibrational stage, having a higher vibration and becoming more pure, the further they are from the Earth's crust. They are not limited to Earth's crust or its close boundaries, however. Spiritual colonies are found on other planets and throughout the universe.


The material and spiritual worlds are independent of one another, but they continually interact with and react upon each other. Although imperceptible to us, discarnate spirits  ̶  of both good and inferior natures  ̶   are constantly beside us, observing and influencing us and the world in which we live.  In turn, we too influence their world, through the nature of our thoughts and the impressions that those thoughts make on the fluids of our atmosphere (click HERE for more information about this influence of our thoughts).

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