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"The Gospel According to Spiritism" tells us that our prayers are rewarded according to intent, devotion, and faith. Devotion and faith have been discussed, but what about intent?

An example given in the book "To Live the Great Message" is this: If I am sick and I ask God for good health, only because I don't like being stuck in bed, my prayer, inspired by very human desires, will reach the proximities of the Earth. If I ask for a cure because I'm worried about taking care of my family, my prayer, in this case, reflecting a sense of responsibility, will reach higher levels. And finally, if I seek organic stability because my heart beats with the desire to act in benevolent and charitable service, then my prayer, inspired by elevated feelings of fraternity, will reach celestial regions. The last case would be the prayer most answered, because it is the highest and most altruistic intentions that bring us the greater number of concessions from the spirit realm.

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