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 Prayers for Others

So far, only prayer for ourselves and the benefits it brings to us has been discussed. However, it would be very selfish for one to think only of him or herself in a time of prayer. In fact, Spiritism teaches us that as human beings evolve, they pray more for others than for themselves. We read in “The Spirits' Book” that if we wish to do good and we pray for others, we will attract compassionate spirits who share our intentions and will come to the rescue of those for whom we are praying, through strength and guidance.

Our compassionate and empathetic hearts naturally lead us to pray for our friends and loved ones.  We ask for their protection and guidance, especially when we see them suffering, as well as at their time of disincarnation (death of the body) and return to the spirit realm.  This is a natural extension of our love for them.

It's also important that we pray for those for whom we do not have such affection and for those who we do not know at all. Jesus taught us to pray for our enemies- - an act of forgiveness and charity that will begin our process of making amends, keep the feelings of anger and rancor out of our hearts, and bring positive energies to our offenders or those who we have offended.   In addition, there are many suffering beings that we do not know personally, but who can benefit greatly from our prayers, such as incarnate spirits, undergoing difficult trials or expiations for whom we ask God to comfort, strengthen, and guide. We may even ask that we be given opportunities to serve God and bring support and aid to such individuals that come into our lives.

There are also many discarnate spirits who need our help, including some who suffer their own self-inflicted torment, for they still have not awakened to the good, and they continue to act out of their moral weaknesses. They need our prayers to inspire them to see the error of their ways and the happiness that could one day be theirs, and, once they begin the processes of repentance and making amends.  There are also many discarnate spirits who do not admit the death of their mortal bodies and who believe themselves to be alive, in the same sense that we know it on Earth. We pray that the good spirits go to their aid, guiding them to places of recuperation and schooling in the spirit realm, so that they may come to the realization that they no longer pertain to the Earthly life.

Lastly, we must not forget to pray for those who are undergoing trials that bring them not necessarily suffering but rather the potential to do a lot of good, those who are in a financial or social position to help many people. We should pray that they have the strength and courage to follow their hearts and carry out God's will.

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