Mediumship and Spiritism:

Teachings - Vision - Purpose - Practice

Many are surprised to learn about Spiritism and its refreshing perspective on mediumship, which is, in its totality, quite unique. Spiritism not not only teaches us about how mediumship works; it teaches us how to use it safely. It also involves an approach to mediumship, in which this faculty is used strictly for noble purposes.  In Spiritism, mediumship is employed to help others - by sharing knowledge, consolation, and healing, as some examples, and it is used to help both incarnate and discarnate spirits (you might be surprised how!) Another very important point is that, in line with Kardec's statement above, Spiritist mediums and groups do not charge for the service that is carried out, through mediumship. Finally, Spiritism teaches about the importance of study and character, in order to best serve in benefit of others.

A lot of people are understandably turned off by the mediums they know of, precisely because they see many signs of deception, including fishing for information, obvious fabrications, etc.  However, in spite of the individuals who seek to take advantage of others for personal gain (be they true mediums but  ones who do not understand or who disregard the real purpose of their mediumship, or persons who are faking it from the start), there are good and honest mediums out there.   As Allan Kardec wrote, in "The Medium's Book",  "Does that fact that there are charlatans who sell their snake oil in public and even doctors who privately abuse their clients' trust mean that all doctors are charlatans or that the medical class has lost all its credibility? [...] Anything can be abused, even the most respectable - and we may state that there is also genius in fraud. However, fraud always has some purpose, some material interest." So, he says, "the best of all guarantees is absolute unprofitability."

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Topics: Defining mediumship, Types of mediumship (physical, intellectual, curing, seeing, hearing, speaking, writing, intuitive & inspired, somnamublic, etc), Cautions and Concerns about mediumship, Fluidic therapy and energy healing, Obsession / spirit influence / spirit attachment, Mediumship at the Spiritist Center.