"Curing mediums" are very rare. Like pass-givers and pass-giving mediums, they employ the action of magnetic fluids╣. However, the methods are different from the direct donation of vital and spiritual fluids operated by the pass-givers and pass-giving mediums. 

Spiritist author, Eliseu Rigonatti, explains that these mediums "radiate an abundant amount of fluids of a highly magnetic power, which are used by the healing or curing spirits for the production of cures and the creation of fluidic medicines and treatments", used in benefit of incarnate patients.

Kardec writes, in "Genesis", "The ability to heal through fluidic interaction is very common and can be developed through exercise, but the instant cure via imposition of the hands is much more rare and its appearance in the maximum degree should be considered exceptional.  Even so, in diverse periods throughout history, and amidst almost all peoples, there have been individuals who have had the faculty to an outstanding degree." 

Please refer to "Intro to Fluidic Therapy" (see menu bar at left) for more information on magnetization and the healing abilities of magnetic fluids in their restoration of energies that circulate throughout the the spiritual and physical body.

To avoid confusion in the case of deeper study on this topic, we wish to make two clarifications:

The first is something pointed out by  J. Melo▓, where he writes, "During Kardec's time, curing mediums were classified as both those with the faculty described above, as well as what we, today, call pass-givers. It is useful to observe this difference when we turn to the texts of Spiritism's codifier."

Secondly, as a result of the above mentioned, you may sometimes find pass-givers and pass-giving mediums referred to as "curing mediums". When the term "curing mediums" is used in this general sense, it is to be understood as referring to the faculty  employed in giving passes, which anyone in healthy, physical and spiritual condition can develop, and not the very rare faculty of operating spiritual cures via the method described above.

╣ See "Intro to Fluidic Therapy" on menu bar at left
▓  in "Cure-se E Cure Pelos Passes"   ("Cure Yourself and Others Through Passes" ) .


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