The following is a simple table with a brief definition of various types of physical mediums. These definitions are taken from the table of classifications found in Chapter XVI (item 189) of "The Mediums' Book."  (Also see "The Mediums' Book": Ch IV, Theory of Physical Manifestations and CH V, Spontaneous Physical Manifestations).

Note: Text in green below highlights quotations from spirit communications, which Kardec included in his explanations.

Special Varieties of Physical Mediums
Excerpt from "The Medium's Book"  Chapter XVI (item 189)

Rapping Mediums:
Those by whose influence noises and raps are produced.  A very common variety of medianimity, whether voluntary or involuntary.

Motor Mediums: Those who produce the movement of inert bodies.  These are also very common.

Mediums For Displacements and Suspensions: Those who produce the displacement of inert bodies and their suspension in the air without any visible prop.  Among them are those who are able to raise themselves.  These mediums are more or less rare, depending on the intensity of the phenomenon, and very rare, in the latter case.

Mediums For Musical Effects: These produce the playing of musical pieces in certain instruments without human contact.

Mediums for Apparitions: Those who provoke apparitions, whether fluidic or tangible, which are visible to onlookers. Very exceptionally rare.  (see Ch XVI, starting at item 104)

Mediums For the Transport of Objects: Those who are employed by spirits as aids in the transport of material objects. Variation of the motor mediums and mediums for displacements.  Exceptionally rare. (see Ch XVI, item 96) 

Nocturnal Mediums :
Those who only obtain certain physical effects in the dark.  Here is the answer of a spirit to our inquiry as to whether such mediums should be considered as forming a separate variety: 

 "This form of medianimity may certainly be spoken of as a specialty, although the necessity of darkness has to do rather with surrounding conditions than with the nature of the medium, or with that of the manifesting spirits; for, in fact, some of these mediums overcome this peculiar necessity, and the greater number of nocturnal mediums are able to, through exercise, obtain the same manifestations in the light.  There are but few of this variety of mediums; and we feel bound to point out that this peculiar form of medianimity offers a wide field for trickery, ventriloquism, acoustic tubes, etc, enabling charlatans to play upon credulity and to pocket money. The behind the scenes tricksters, just like those on the public square, will be cruelly unmasked, and the spirits will prove that they are up to no good,  intermeddling with their work.  I repeat: some charlatans will receive, in quite a severe way, the punishment that will take away their delight in acting as false mediums." − Erastes.

Pneumatographic Mediums: Those who obtain direct writing. This is a very rare phenomenon, and one easily imitated.  (see Ch XVI, item 177). 

Remark:  Our spirit-guides have insisted upon placing direct writing, contrary to our opinion, in the order of physical phenomena, because, according to them,

 "Intelligent effects are those for the production of which the spirit makes use of the medium's brain, which is not done in the production of direct writing.  The action of the medium is, in the latter case, altogether physical, while, in the case of the writing-medium, the medium's brain always plays an active role, though the action itself may be merely mechanical.

Healing Mediums:
Those who have the power of curing disease or relieving pain, by the imposition of hands or by prayer. 

 "This faculty is not essentially medianimic; it appertains to all true believers, whether mediums or not; it is often only a super-excitement of the magnetic power, strengthened, if necessary, by the co-operation of benevolent spirits.

Developing Mediums: Persons who, by their influence, have the power of developing the faculty of writing mediumship in others.

 "This is rather an effect of animal magnetism than a fact of medianimity properly so called, for there is in it nothing that proves the intervention of a spirit.  In any case, it may be classified under the heading of physical effects.(See Part Second, Chap XVII. Formation of Mediums.)