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"Everyone who is, to any degree, influenced by spirits is, by that very fact, a medium.  This faculty is inherent in man, and is therefore no exclusive privilege;  therefore, rare are those who do not possess some rudiments of the faculty.  We may, therefore, assume that everyone is more or less a medium."  Allan Kardec, "The Mediums' Book", item #159  

Someday, the mediumistic faculty will have evolved on our planet to the point where it becomes a perfect sense, common to everyone, just like that of touch, sight, or hearing.  That day is still very distant, however, and today the mediumistic faculty is still relatively latent, so that, under most circumstances, when we speak of "mediums", we refer to those in whom, as Kardec says, the medianimic faculty is "practically applicable" and is "clearly characterized, producing well-marked results." 

However, it can not go unrecognized, and therefore we make it a point to call attention here to the fact that we are all mediums.  Remember what Kardec said, with reference to inspired mediums, i.e., that "inspiration comes to us all, from spirits who influence us, for good or for evil, in every circumstance of our lives, and in every resolution we make, and it may therefore be truly said that, in this respect, everyone is a medium, for there is no one who has not about him his familiar spirits, who do their utmost to suggest salutary or pernicious counsels to those with whom they are connected."