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 Matter of Intuition

Question #459 of "The Spirits' Book" asks, "Do spirits influence our thoughts and actions?", to which the spirits replied, "To a greater extent than you suppose, they can have a significant influence on both."  It is through the kind of exchanges previously mentioned that spirits are able to suggest ideas to us that we receive in the form of intuitions.  Good and friendly spirits who wish to help us on our road of progress will suggest to us ideas that can, should we listen to them, help us to make good decisions.  This is often the case when we are pondering over a decision we must make or are seeking the best way to finish a given task, and, almost as if "out of the blue", an idea comes to mind that leads us to the answer we needed.  Suggestions of good advice, however, don't always "spring" upon us, as they may simply become interwoven into the orderly thought process through which we arrive at our decision.  

In addition to this helpful counsel, the good spirits may also try to dissuade us from negative thought patterns or behaviors that will ultimately bring us suffering, by making appeals to our consciences and advising us to change our ways.  In our moments of discouragement, sadness, and fear, they offer comforting words that help us to overcome these painful emotions. They also  come to warn us about impending dangers and suggest ways to avoid them.  Most of us have heard a story of at least one person who, for some "unknown reason" or some strange "gut feeling", decided to drive a different route home or not get on an airplane flight, etc., only to find out that if they had, they would have been endangered in some way.  The ideas that spirits suggest to us are not always intended for our benefit alone.  They often use the intuition of one person as a way to bring a message to another.  Again, this may be a piece of good advice, words of consolation or inspiration, some kind of warning, etc.

Just as good spirits try to help each of us in the events of our daily lives, they also endeavor to inspire those human beings who work for the benefit of humanity and its progress.  The great artists, philosophers, scientists, teachers, etc. who have helped to assure man's progress throughout the various ages, have done so with the support and guidance of elevated spirits who have, as Kardec writes, "selected them as instruments, suggesting to their minds the trains of thought required for their special ends." (Kardec

Intuitions like the kinds mentioned above come from good and friendly spirits who wish to help us and those with whom we come into contact.  Thoughts can also be suggested to us, however, by unenlightened or ill-intentioned spirits who will try to trick us or influence us in harmful ways.  Instead of offering good advice or leading us from danger, they only suggest ideas and behaviors that would ultimately hurt ourselves and others, for they are jealous of us and wish for us to suffer just as they do.  Likewise, they will try to create obstacles in our path that prevent us from participating in positive activities. Instead of comforting and consoling us, they cause our sorrows to deepen. Lastly, rather than dissuade us from negative attitudes and behaviors, inferior spirits encourage and strengthen our sentiments of pride and selfishness, our feelings of animosity and vengeance, our selfish and materialistic tendencies, etc.   

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