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The Law of Attraction

The moral and trustworthy nature of the intuitions we receive relates directly to the kinds of spirits that they come from. So, do we have any control over the kinds of spirits who transmit these thoughts to us?  In fact we do, and the answer stems from the Law of Moral Affinity, which says that individuals of a like moral nature attract one another, and those of a contrary moral nature repel one another. The kinds of spirits who accompany us and inspire us are those who are attracted to us through this moral or vibrational affinity, which depends on the thoughts we cultivate and the behaviors that are habitual to us. 

An analogy can be made to the frequencies on a radio, each band having a different style of music or other programming.  In order to hear what we prefer, we must tune our radio to the right frequency.   Likewise, spirits of all kinds live among us and try to influence us, but in order to hear the suggestions that will help  us, we must tune our minds and our hearts, in other words, our thoughts and our feelings, to the right vibrational frequency.

The superior spirits offer us this advice (Q # 165 of "Spirits' Book") on neutralizing  the influence of spirits who tempt us to do wrong. They say, "Do only what is right and put all your trust in God.  By doing so, you repel and deny them power over you.  Be careful not to listen to the suggestions of any spirit who inspires bad thoughts in you, causes trouble between yourself and others, or arouses your instinctual passions.  Distrust especially the spirit who flatters your pride; it is attacking you at your weakest point.  This is why Jesus tells us to say, in the Lord's Prayer, 'Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.'"

In order to attract good spirits, we must take care with our thoughts and actions, always making efforts to improve them with time and to advance in our moral and spiritual progress.  We must seek to act with compassion, kindness, patience, respect, forgiveness, humility, optimism, etc.  We must engage, often, in moments of sincere prayer, in which we draw the good spirits to our side and open our minds to their positive suggestions. As Kardec writes (item #182 of "Mediums' Book"), we should "invoke [our] watchful guardian with fervor and confidence, as a providentially appointed friend; and if we did so, we should often be astonished at the new ideas which would arise in our minds...."

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