Children's and Youth Studies

Many Spiritist centers offer a study time for children to attend while their parents are attending a public meeting. In this way, the center helps the parents to expose children to the basic precepts and teachings of Spiritism, in a manner that is accessible to them. They're given the seeds of a knowledge that will help them to interact in a positive way with the world around them.

At the same time, the family is at the center together, participating in an activity that will help them to be conscious of the way they treat one another at home, the way they interpret the situations and challenges they must face together, and the way they relate to others outside their home. Children also participate in the fluidic therapy with the adults.

Many centers offer meetings or study groups for the youth, as well, with lessons that are appropriate for their age group and with topics presented in such a way as to help them deal with what goes on in their daily lives.