Public Meetings

These are meetings in which one person, sometimes two, speaks to an audience about a topic, often of a Gospel-related theme.  Normally, one such meeting is held at least one day per week, but they may be held on multiple days or multiple times in one day, depending on the size of the center.  In addition, there may be similar meetings held at other times as well, in which the topic is of a different nature, but within the scope and teachings of Spiritism.  Those who perform such lectures are not ordained or "certified" preachers, but rather those who have studied Spiritism well, and as such, are prepared and willing to share their knowledge with others.  Lecturers are scheduled in advance and are assigned a topic for which they must prepare before presenting.  Often times, guest lecturers from other centers are called in to speak, either at regularly scheduled meetings or at special seminars. Following the regular public meetings, a fluidic therapy session is usually held for those who wish to participate (see menu bar at left).

These meetings are an excellent way for those who are new to Spiritism to learn more about what it teaches and what the Spiritist center is like.  For those who are not new, it is a great way to come together, fraternally, with others who share the same beliefs and common goals.  For all participants, it is a valuable resource for education and lessons that help us in our efforts toward inner reform and growth, as well as a source of harmonizing energy offered through the fluidic therapy sessions.