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Book Title:  After The Storm¹
Spirit Author: Joanna de Ângelis
Medium: Divaldo Franco     

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Excerpt from the introduction to the book (written by the author)²:

In the pages of this book are discussed some of the more crucial issues of our times that have engendered a great deal of conflicting opinions and heated debates.

There is nothing exceptional in what we are offering, nor do we adopt the attitude of those who arrogantly claim to be scholarly or wise.  It is the result of our studies from this side after listening to instructions by eminent ones recently arrived from Earth, and others who are preparing to return to the Planet.  Our studies are also based on the Gospel texts and the Spiritist Codification of Allan Kardec, a servant chosen by the Lord.

Our purpose is to contribute to a more rapid change in the moral and spiritual condition of Mankind.  Like a generous mother, the Earth gives shelter to those who are passing through it in quest of their ascension.  On it dwell souls who seek our opinions and our answers to comfort them during these stormy days.

It is a series of essays that look into problems to analyze them in an easy and simple manner based on the eyes of love and faith in God  ̶  a personal contribution, though small, that aims at the well being of Mankind which one day will unite us, as brothers, in the Supreme Good. 

¹ Translation of original in Portuguese, titled “Desperte e Seja Feliz”
²  as published in 2006 by Livraría Espírita Alvorada Editora