Book Title: And Life Goes On¹
Spirit Author: André Luiz
Francisco Cândido Xavier    
First Published:


From the back cover of the book²:

Evelyn is sick, very sick, and her condition calls for immediate medical attention.  Tragically, her illness is only the latest in a lifelong series of crises.  As a child she had been orphaned by the death of her father; as a young woman, one of her lovers had killed himself.  And just recently her much-loved husband had run away from her illness and from her - into the arms of a younger woman.

Now Evelyn is determined to fight back, to undergo an operation that, if it fails, might kill her, but if successful will give her life a new direction.  In the aftermath of the surgery, everything seems to go well.  Then she has one more terrible attack.

Coming to herself in a hospital room, she feels oddly healthy, energetic, confident.  But the world she has always known and trusted is different somehow.  Her relatives are not allowed to visit her, the state of her soul seems to be more important to her doctors than the state of her body, and the people around her hint that they aren't living on Earth anymore.

Thus begins Evelyn's experience of a new realm of awareness, and her discovery that her heart needs a love greater than the love she has known.  In reaching toward that love, and in gaining the courage to know herself and others honestly, she also finds a friend to walk this new path with her.

This inspirational novel by André Luiz, physician and poet, who writes through the pen of Francisco C. Xavier, gently awakens us to the rich meaning of life, friendship, and love.  In it, we find that life is a journey on which we add to and recreate our innermost selves - in effect designing our own path toward the goal of love each of us seeks.

This is a true story that illuminates life.  In Evelyn's courage you will discover the force of faith, and traces of the invisible design that guides every person's return to love."    

¹Translation of original in Portuguese, titled “A Vida Continua ”
² as published in 2000, by the Allan Kardec Educational Society