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Book Title: Christian Agenda¹ 
Spirit Author: André Luiz  
Francisco Cândido Xavier   
First Published:
Rio de Janeiro, by the Brazilian Spiritist Federation (FEB), 1948


Comforting, inspiring, and motivational words in a collection of messages from the Spirit Author, André Luiz.

Excerpts from the back cover of the book²:

This book is for the person who seeks the best way to transform his heart, step by step, from darkness into light.  It provides a sound understanding of the consequences and effects of one's attitudes and actions, as well as insight into the behavior of others through beautifully simple and brief statements.

The most remarkable feature about these strikingly relevant, down-to-earth messages is that they were all received through automatic writing by the Brazilian medium Francisco Cândido Xavier, from the Spirit Andre Luiz, with the intention of providing man with clear spiritual discernment.

Humanity desires knowledge and better answers to its quest for the cause and purposes of life.  While man, in his restless search, is conquering the secrets of the atom, outer space, and genetic keys, he has yet to learn to conquer himself.

Christian Agenda blends Christian principles and psychology with the law of cause and effect, or karma, to produce unusually practical and helpful guides that aid us in the everyday aspects of life.

Its principles are universal, for the concepts of love, compassion and botherhood do not know geographical, religious or temporal boundaries.

Dear reader, the words of this book are not meant to be merely read, but also absorbed and meditated upon. Let these words become a living part of you and let your own light shine.

Translation of original in Portuguese, titled “Agenda Cristã”
as published in 1988, by the Christian Spirit Center: