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Book Title:  Disobsession¹
Spirit Author:   André Luiz
Medium:  Francisco Cândido Xavier   

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In this book, the spiritual mentor, André Luiz, presents the basic guidelines for the Spiritist mediumship session that is held for the loving and dedicated rescue work of disobsession.  He outlines the flow of events, before, during, and after the session, discusses the various members of the work team and their roles, and offers sound advice regarding the sense of care and responsibility with which each participant, as well as the group as a whole, should carry out their tasks. This is a must read for anyone who wishes to participate in this kind of mediumistic work, and a recommended reading for anyone who wishes to learn more about mediumship and the work of Spiritist Centers.

Excerpt from the introduction to the book²:

 Whether it be a case of mere influence or, as in the occurrences of a deeper possession, the mediumistic mind remains oppressed by thoughts strange to itself, in a process of hypnosis, from which he will only gradually become freed.  From that, stems the need to popularize the systematic assistance given to the discarnate, prisoners of anguish and dissatisfaction, by way of the actions of the team of companions dedicated to this type of service.  This work also demands patience and understanding, similar to that which characterizes the nurses dedicated to the assistance of brothers and sisters segregated by the threads of psychosis, found behind the doors of the establishments dedicated to providing for the cure of mental ailments.

Upon closely feeling a similar need, our friend André Luiz organized this book, unlike any other which contains his collection of specialized scholarly themes of the soul.  His purpose was that of recruiting new groups of workers of goodness, whose intent is to aid in the readjustment of those no longer in the physical plane and who have become distanced from reality.  There is nothing more appropriate and just, because, just as ignorance needs the dedication of the teachers, and psycopathology awaits the abnegation of the doctors who use the techniques of unbalanced dialogue in the practice of psychoanaysis, so it is that the mental alienation of the discarnate demands the fraternal assistance of friendly hearts, with enough understanding and an abundance of love to aid in the Spiritist centers, at present, dedicated to restoring Christianity in its clear and simple form.

¹Translation of original in Portuguese, titled “Desobsessão”
² written by the spirit, Emmanuel
; as published in 2003 by the Spiritist Alliance for Books