Book Title:   The Dynamics of Our Sixth Sense: Psychic and Mediumistic Phenomena in the Light of Spiritism
Divaldo P. Franco¹ 

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Description from the back cover of the book²:

This book came about as a result of a phenomenal workshop given by the Brazilian medium and speaker, Divaldo P. Franco on July 22, 2006 in the auditorium of the Lily Dale Assembly.  This workshop drew the 1st Spiritist Weekend in Lily Dale.

This workshop represents an unanticipated study of our sixth sense, or mediumship.  Divaldo Franco provides us with the definition of mediumship, its types, and its therapeutic features.  Through his personal experiences, he enlightens us with considerations on the role of mediumship and its charitable purpose.  At the core of his teachings were love and kindness.  The end of the workshop was blessed with an uplifting trance, by which a message from Dr. Bezerra de Menezes was channeled through Divaldo Franco’s extraordinary mediumistic ability.

¹This work translates workshop lectures given in Portuguese, by Divaldo Franco
² as published in 2007 by Livaría Espírita Alvorada Editora  (2006 © by “Pathway to Redemption” Spiritist Center)