Book Title:  Genesis¹
Author:  Allan Kardec
First Published:
Paris, 1868  

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This is the 5th and last book in the codification of the Spiritist Doctrine.  It is divided into 3 major parts:

Part one, entitled "Genesis", covers the character of the spiritist revelation, God, good and evil, the role of science in the Genesis, and other topics relating to the creation of the universe such as: ancient and modern systems of the world, a study of space and time, geologic design of the Earth, theories about the Earth's formation, global revolutions, organic genesis, spiritual genesis, and the biblical genesis.

Part two, entitled "Miracles", shows how previously inexplicable (and therefore referred to as miraculous) phenomena are actually natural occurrences governed by little-known, yet natural laws.  It covers topics such as: the characteristics of "miracles", spiritual fluids and their role in such phenomena, and the miracles of the Gospel.

Part three, entitled "Predictions", discusses premonitions of future events, the predictions of the Gospel, and the implications of the coming evolutionary transition of the Earth.   

Additional description 1: Excerpt from the back cover of the book: ²:

This book is one of the five basic works that make up the Codification of Spiritism, and is the author’s most scientific work.  It deals with themes regarded as incontestable by religion in the light of the immortality of the soul, unifying Christian thought and scientific discoveries.  It offers a unique opportunity for the reader to know and study themes of universal interest, discussed in a logical, rational, and revealing manner. [...] The subjects presented in its eighteen chapters have as their basis the immutability of the grand Divine Laws.

Translation of original in French, titled “La Genèse: Les Miracles Et Les Prédictions Selon Le Spiritisme”
² As published, in 2009, by the International Spiritist Council