Book Title:   In the Realms of Mediumship¹ / (In the Domains of Mediumship)²
Spirit Author: André Luiz  
Medium: Francisco Cândido Xavier
First Published: 1955

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Description from the back cover of the book²:

In this book, André Luiz analyzes the various aspects of mediumship, emphasizing the efforts of mediums faithful to the spiritual mandate received prior to their reincarnation.  He also warns of the risks involved in the poor interchange between the two worlds. 

 The book talks about trance, somnambulism, possession, clairvoyance, the out-of-body experience, fascination, psychometry and the mediumship of physical effect, among others.

 It is a technical study of great relevance, which discloses the ways in which Spirits act during the intricate process of communication with the incarnates.  It relays concepts of spirituality, received from enlightened mentors, contained in explanations of philosophical, scientific and evangelical nature, indispensable to those who dedicate themselves to the study of mediumship.

Translation of original in Portuguese, titled “Nos Dominios da Mediunidade”
² as published in 2005 by the International Spiritist Council