Book Title:  Mediumship All You Need To Know¹ 
Richard Simonetti
First Published
2003, by CEAC Editora


Description from the introduction to the book

All humans have sensitivities that make the perception of spiritual influences possible.

The author of this book shares his rich and fulfilling lifelong experience with mediumistic phenomena. He expounds wisely on mediumistic faculties such as seeing, healing, channeling, and other issues that are inherent to a medium’s life on a daily basis.

The book provides valuable information on how to master mediumship and not allow it to disrupt normal living as it happens in most cases. The knowledge in this book empowers mediums to embrace their calling, use it appropriately, safely and live healthier and more meaningful lives.

¹Translation of original in Portuguese, titled "Tudo o Que Você Precisa Saber"
² As published 2010, by the U.S. Spiritist Council