Book Title:  Sex and Destiny¹
Spirit Author: André Luiz
Francisco Cândido Xavier    
First Published:


From the back cover of the book ²:

What effects will the sexual experiences and conduct of incarnates have on the immortal spirit in their future life, their destiny?

Rich in detail, the books by Andre Luiz depict the spirit world; how spirits live, their habitats, and the relations of cause and effect that influence the evolutionary trajectory both of incarnates and discarnates, delineating their future life, their destiny.

In this book, readers will find the answers to their questions about human sexual relationships and their implications for the future life of the immortal spirit, enabling it to "learn by using the library of experience."

Sex and destiny, love and conscience, freedom and commitment, guilt and redemption, home and reincarnation are the topics of this book borne in the forge of everyday reality.

 ¹Translation of original in Portuguese, titled “Sexo e Destino”
² As published in version © 2013 by the Brazilian Spiritist Federation and printed by Edicei of America