Book Title:  Spiritism In Its Simplest Expression¹  
Author: Allan Kardec         


From Book Cover² :

Wanting to popularize Spiritism and make spreading it easier and quicker, but without prejudicing the basic works of the Spiritist Doctrine, Allan Kardec wrote a number of booklets and distributed them throughout France at prices that were affordable for anyone who might be interested. Some of them had several printings and were highly successful. They continued to be republished even after the Codifier’s disincarnation. This is one of those booklets. It is hoped that the Spiritist readers will find that this unpretentious work enriches their knowledge of the Spiritist Doctrine.


A History of Spiritism

Summary of the Spirits' Teachings

Maxims Taken from the Spirits' Teachings


¹ Translation of original title in French: Le Spiritisme à sa plus simple expression
² As published in 2012 by the International Spiritist Council