Book Title: The Gospel According to Spiritism¹
Author: Allan Kardec 
First Published:
Paris, 1864

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The third work of the codification of Spiritism, this book explains, under the light of Spiritism, the moral maxims of Jesus Christ and their applications to the various circumstances of human and spiritual life.  Each chapter opens with a passage from the Bible that communicates of Jesus' moral teachings and then interprets and explains that lesson under the vision of Spiritism, including explanations written by Kardec, as well as instructional and motivational messages from superior spirits.

Additional description 1: From the back cover of the book: ²:

The Gospel according to Spiritism is the third of the five books that compromise the Spiritist Codification*, a compilation of teachings transmitted by high order spirits (the Spirits) and organized and commented on by Allan Kardec.

The book contains the essence of the moral teachings of Jesus, thus providing a roof under which followers of all religions- even those who profess no religion at all- can gather, for it offers a sure guide for our inner reforms, which, according to Christ, is indispensable for the spirit on its evolutionary journey to God only by complying fully with the divine laws.

*The Spirits’ Book, 1857; The Mediums’ Book, 1861; The Gospel according to Spiritism, 1864; Heaven and Hell, 1865; Genesis, 1868

Additional description 2: Comments written by Miguel Bertoluccci

The core message [that this book] presents transcends time and religious form, as Allan Kardec carefully chose passages from the Gospel that deal exclusively with moral matters and timeless truths.  In doing so, he deliberately avoided what might be interpreted as circumstantial to the customs of the Jewish nation.  These scripture excerpts became the basis for the explanations provided by the spirits, and the explications by Allan Kardec, himself.  This is, therefore, a book that invites the reader to ponder her or his life through vivid accounts from those who have already mastered their lessons, and the reflections of those who were willing to reevaluate their own past experiences on Earth.  This is what makes the Gospel a true guide for our own inner transformation, and for engaging the self in the discovery of each person's true purpose in life.

¹Translation of original in French, titled “L'Imitation de l'Evengile”, revised to “Le Evangile Selon” in 1866.
² As published, in 2008, by the International Spiritist Council
3 in the preface to a translation published in 2000, by the Allan Kardec Educational Society