Book Title:  The Messengers¹
Spirit Author: André Luiz  
Medium: Francisco Cândido Xavier  
First Published: 1944

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Description 1:  From the back cover of the book²:

This book reveals that physical death unveils a spirit life that ever-evolving. In fifty-one chapters, it describes the experiences of a number of spirits who reincarnated with preplanned endeavors needed for their personal spiritual growth.

Additionally, it deals with subjects such as: home Gospel worship, the benefits of practicing the good, carelessness regarding one’s spiritual obligations, and the fear of death. The spirit author focuses on the service opportunities for mediums, warning them about the need to practice on a personal level what they learn in order to avoid returning to the spirit world without having fulfilled the duties they assumed before reincarnating.

Description 2:  From the Allan Kardec Educational Society (A.K.E.S) 3:

Andre Luiz, a former medical doctor, invites you to follow him in his healing work in The Messengers, and to shadow him during his rounds; this time the subject is no longer the body, it’s a new order of life; it's the anatomy of the soul.

The Messengers is an unusual story. As introduced in Nosso Lar, the narrator is a spirit writing from the spirit world where he arrived more than eighty years ago.  Andre Luiz is not very different from most of us.  He believed in God, but was not a religious person.  He was devoted to family, but thrifty with his feelings outside a circle of friends.  He was an average person who, like most of us, had a slightly inflated sense of self.

Everyone wants to know what happens after we die.  Andre was no different.  You can learn with him in his quest.  You can peer inside his soul as he struggles to let go of old habits, and create a new self-concept.  He tells us candidly about the hard work of changing his inner feelings to adjust to a new dimension, a new life.

This book is about optimism and freedom.  It affirms the power and beauty of life in its transcendental expressions.  It releases the human spirit from the shackles of dogma and tradition.

¹Translation of original in Portuguese, titled “Os Mensageiros”
² as published, in 2007, by the International Spiritist Council
3 on the back cover of a translation published (2005) by A.K.E.S.