Book Title:
 The Pathway, the Truth & Life¹
Spirit Author:  Emmanuel
Medium: Francisco Cândio Xavier

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From the back cover of the book²:

The books, The Pathway, the Truth, & Life;  Harvest of Light;  Living Fountain;  Our Daily Bread; and Vineyard of Light  are integrated together in this collection.  All of them are dictated by the spirit, Emmanuel, through the mediumship of Francisco Cândido Xavier.

In them, the author comments on the Gospel's teachings in an original and attractive way, teaching us not only to understand the Christian doctrine, but also to practice it at all times in life.  They are truly an invitation to noble and dignifying work and are inspired by the teachings of the Gospel.

Emmanuel, the spiritual guide of Francisco Cândido Xavier, instructs and enchants, edifies, and comforts through his pure and enchanting, gentle and persuasive language, full of spirituality and beauty.

 ¹Translation of original in Portuguese, titled “Caminho, Verdade, e Vida”
² as published in 2006 by the International Spiritist Council