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Book Title:  We Are All Mediums ¹
Spirit Author:
  Odilon Fernandes
Carlos Baccelli  

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Excerpts from the preface to the book²:

"This book was written in a simple and objective way, and it is dedicated to those who are beginning their mediumistic development, with the blessings of the Spiritist Doctrine.

With regard to our previous books, and taking into account the texts of “The Mediums’ Book”, we have organized the chapters of this book, aiming to exchange experiences with our fellows of like mind, with the certainty that we, as either incarnate or discarnate spirits, are all mediums in the presence of life.

We are all on the pathway of the most considerable spiritual achievements, with the support of the gospel of Jesus, the magnificent medium of God."

Odilon Fernandes
Uberaba- Minas Gerais- Brazil, 22nd July 1993.

Translation of original in Portuguese, titled “Todos Somos Mediuns”
² written by the other, as published in 2001, by Casa Editora Espírita "Pierre-Paul Didier"