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Book Title:  Nosso Lar - A Spiritual Home¹ 
Spirit Author:
André Luiz 
Francisco Cândio Xavier    
First Published: 1944

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Excerpts from the introduction to the book

This is no ordinary novel.  It is not a romantic adventure produced by the prolific mind of a gifted fiction writer.  This is the first book dictated by André Luiz, a discarnate soul, to Francisco C. Xavier, one of the most productive mediums and inspirational writers of our time. In this partnership, André Luiz acts as a reporter on conditions in the spirit world, revealing details of its life, people, places, and organization.  He does so through the lens of his reflections on his own after-death experience, and his struggles to make sense of his new reality. 

In this very personal account, André Luiz reveals his identity as a medical doctor who practiced in southeastern Brazil in the first decades of the twentieth century, and who left his physical body a few years prior to the beginning of World War Two.  A true skeptic at the time of his demise, he is initially shocked at the discovery that death is nothing more than a doorway to a new and richer life.  As time progresses, however, he undergoes inevitable experiences and lessons in the spirit realm which lead him to a better understanding of life's meaning.

From description on the back cover of the book

"The former physician André Luiz's articulate and compelling reporting reads more like a novel than the detailed, compelling document of after-life existence that it is.  Rarely does one find information about the after-life that is both inspirational and informative - but such is the case here.

The extensive tour that constitutes "Nosso Lar - A Spiritual Home" contains those benchmarks of the after-life familiar to us all; a gate, the light, helpers and splendors.  But these are minor details, it turns out, in  an elaborate journey through a complex, well-organized universe, containing many spiritual levels that, in turn, constitute this spiritual Colony.

By being given the rare privilege of joining Luiz's journey from what we think to be the safe side, we are given important lessons for our earthly lives that embrace issues of service, love, responsibility, marriage, reunion, return, and so much more.

We live much of our lives in fear of what awaits us and our loved ones after death.  Few religious, philosophical, or spiritual systems of note offer us the detailed descriptions coupled with the wisdom and compassion that we so greatly need.  This book not only renders information, but it gives us that most precious of all energies with which to maximize this life as well as the journey beyond.  "Nosso Lar" gives us Hope." 

Translation of original in Portuguese, titled “Nosso Lar”
² written by Andrea Dessen, Ph.D,  Project (translation) Director of the Allan Kardec Educational Society (A.K.E.S), as translated and published by A.K.E.S.
³ written by Sukie Miller Ph.D. (author of "After Death; Mapping The Journey and Finding Hope When a Child Dies."), as published by the Allan Kardec Educational Society.