Book Title:  Who Is Afraid of Death?¹
Author: Richard Simonetti   

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This is a light-hearted, easy read, in which the author speaks candidly about the process of disincarnation undergone by the spirit at the time of what is mistakenly referred to as "death".  He also tells us about the impacts of certain kinds of death and of the reactions of family members to the situation, in general.  In the end, readers learn to view disincarnation, not as the end to be feared but, rather, as a natural process, one that is actually just "a part of life."

From the back cover of the book²:

Spiritual Body
Problems in The Great Transition
Fatal Accidents
Death of Children

These and many other topics are discussed in this book.

The author describes the circumstances and problems associated with the return to the spiritual world.

In these pages, the reader will find an invaluable contribution to overcoming age-old fears and anguishes that disturb people when dealing with death.

 ¹Translation of original in Portuguese, titled “Quem Tem Medo da Morte”
² as published in 2000 by C.E.A.C