From the initial codification of Spiritism to its present-day study and practice, there have been so many individuals, both here on Earth and in the Spiritual realm, who have dedicated themselves to the moral and intellectual  progress of humanity, the spreading of truth and love, and the end of suffering, through work in the dissemination of Spiritist teachings. There are numerous, well-known figures  that we all turn to for inspiration and instruction, as well as the lesser-known who work quietly, doing their part to teach, comfort, heal, and inspire others.  All these individuals have helped Spiritism to spread around the world, planting seeds of light and love in every corner it reaches, answering our most urgent philosophical questions, and giving us the means by which to help one another in our climb the hill of progress and evolution.

To those who wish to learn more about the history of study, learning, teaching, and hard work that has brought Spiritism to where it is today, you would most likely be interested in learning about some of the important figures of this movement.

Others may be interested in knowing more about someone they had read about during their study of Spiritism.

Here, we wish to help you to get to know some of the well-known disseminators, as well as some forerunners, of Spiritism.  Over time, we hope to increase the number of individuals we're able to list here.  

 Name                      Read About Them Here:                           
Alexander N. Aksakof SGNY Site
Amália Domingo Soler SGNY Site
Andre Luiz Explore Spiritism
Andrew Jackson Davis SGNY Site
Arthur Conan Doyle Chronicles of..
Bezerra de Menezes SGNY Site
Camille Flammarion SGNY Site
Divaldo Franco mansionoftheway.com
Emmanuel SGNY Site
Emmanuel Swedenborg SGNY Site
Euripedes Barsanulfo  
Eusapia Palladino SGNY Site
Francisco C. Xavier SGNY Site | GEAE Site (return to spiritual realm) | Wikipedia
Gabriel Delanne SGNY Site
Hernani Guimarães Andrade SGNY Site
Joana de Ângelis Explore Spiritism | mansionoftheway.com
León Denis Explore Spiritism SGNY Site
William Crookes SGNY Site
Auta de Souza SGNY Site