The Spiritist movement does not work for a rapid increase in followers. Its objective is to provide resources for those seeking the enlightenment and consolation that Spiritism can provide. Even so, the continued growth in Spiritism's popularity, around the world, has occurred as a result of its ability to clear doubts, ease suffering, and inspire positive changes in those who are naturally drawn to its teachings.

Like growing children, we develop a hunger for new knowledge at each stage of our spiritual development, and Spiritism answers significant questions that presently resound in the minds and hearts of many. Therefore, it naturally attracts its followers with its:

  • reinforcement of moral precepts, such as those found in the teachings and examples of Jesus and other individuals of great wisdom and moral integrity;

  • experimental proof of the existence of the soul, its survival after death and the ability of those who once lived among us to communicate with us from another dimension; and

  • revealing explains of that which we see and experience


Originated in France, Spiritism is now studied and practiced in many countries around the world. For example, the countries that belong to the International Spiritist Council include Angola, Argentina, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, El Salvador, Spain, France, Guatemala, Italy, Japan, Mexico, The Netherlands, Norway, Paraguay, Peru, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States of America, and Uruguay. 

The most prominent study of Spiritism is currently found in Brazil and Latin America, with Brazil ultimately having the greatest development and the greatest number of adherents- who come from all social classes. Without a doubt, the growth of Spiritism in Brazil has much to do with the work of the beloved medium, Chico Xavier, who recently returned to the Spiritual plane, Divaldo Franco, another well known and respected medium, and countless other mediums, writers, and Spirits that have dedicated themselves to sharing the inspirational teachings of Spiritism, which will generate comfort, progress, happiness, and spiritual renewal.

In 2003 the Brazilian Magazine, “ISTO Ė”, published a study done by the Brazilian Spiritist Foundation, reporting that the number of Spiritist centers in Brazil was, at that time, around eight thousand and growing.  In addition to the centers themselves, there are also several Spiritist-run humanitarian projects and organizations that bring material and spiritual support to the poor, the sick, and others in need of social assistance.  In addition, there are Spiritist associations of professionals, such as doctors, lawyers, etc. 

Kardec's time was one of discovery and application, investigation, revelation, and codification.  Today's era is one of study, learning, and growth.  It is also one of work: giving, healing, consoling and educating, which is why Spiritist centers are referred to as schools, hospitals, and homes all in one.  To learn more about what goes on at Spiritist Centers and the kinds of activities and work found there, please see our section on Spiritist Centers.