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 What is God?


In the first question of The Spirits’ Book,  Allan Kardec asks the superior spirits, “What is God?” The answer given is that God is the Supreme Intelligence, the First Cause of all things.”  He then proceeds to ask, “What are the proofs of God’s existence?”, to which the superior spirits answer, “An axiom in science states that there is no effect without a cause.  Look for the cause of things which are not the work of human beings, and your reason will provide the answer.

    In the opening to his chapter on the “Profession of a Rationalized, Spiritist Faith”, in the book "Posthumous Works", Kardec repeats the Spirits’ definition of God, as stated above, and the axiom to which they made reference, adding the following comments. 

"We constantly see an immensity of effects, whose cause is not in Humanity, since Humanity is incapable of producing them. The cause is above Humanity. It is that cause we call God, Jehovah, Allah, Brahma, Fo-hi, Great Spirit, etc. Such effects are absolutely not produced by chance, by accident, or without order. From the organization of the smallest insect and the most insignificant seed, to the laws that govern the worlds that circulate through Space, everything gives proof of one guiding idea, a scheme, a foresight, a thoroughness in care, all of which surpass any human creations."