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As you read on previous pages, the spiritual fluids are like the matter of the spiritual realm. The spirits act upon these fluids, manipulating them by combining them, dispersing them, etc., in other words organizing them in such a way to create a desired appearance or form, just as we do with the solids, liquids, and gases of the material world. This is done with everything, from the appearance of their own perispirits, to the formation of a small (still ethereal or even materialized) object, even a building in the spirit realm, etc. The mechanism used for doing this is a combination of thought and will.  Sometimes these transformations are the result of intention.  Other times, they are produced by unconscious thought.

There are some other key points to understand regarding the role of spiritual fluids as the vehicle of thought:

* Fluids carry thoughts just as the air carries sound. This means that in these fluids, there are waves and rays of thoughts, crossing one another without mixing, just like diverse sound waves traveling simultaneously through air.

* Fluidic images are created when a spirit focuses its thought on a particular idea, action, person, thing, etc. Via these fluidic images, the spirit's thoughts are then reflected in its perispirit (spirit body) where they take form, as if photographed. This is how one spirit can read the thoughts of another, including its day-to-day preoccupations, desires, and intentions.

* Fluids, not having their own, intrinsic qualities, acquire their characteristics from the environment in which they are found.  As the vehicle of thought, they are imprinted with the qualities of those thoughts, which, in turn, determine the level of vibration in the fluids. 
    This is how spirits, both incarnate and discarnate, affect the fluidic quality of their given environment  ̶  anywhere from a spirit's personal energy field, meaning the fluids that circulate close to the spirit's body, to a room in a building, or to a planet as a whole, depending on the strength of the thought waves and the space & number of spirits in question. Morally negative, adverse thoughts, from inferior spirits, pollute the fluids, while positive, virtuous thoughts purify the fluids and the environment.

* The fluids also do not follow any particular system of classification. They are characterized by their properties, their effects, and their originating types. As Kardec says in "Genesis":

From a moral standpoint, they hold the nature of sentiments like hate, greed, jealousy, pride, selfishness, violence, hypocrisy, as well as those such as good will, benevolence, love, compassion, tenderness, etc. From a physical standpoint, they can be calming, exciting, penetrating, stringent, irritating, sweetening, soporific [tranquilizing], narcotic, toxic, medicinal, expulsive etc.; they can become a force of transmission, propulsion, etc.

* Spirits do not only affect their spiritual environment; they are also affected by it. This is because, as Kardec says, "As the environmental fluids are modified by a spiritís thought projections, the spiritís perispirit, a constructive part of its entire being, receives a direct and permanent impression made by those thoughts, and will hold their good or bad qualities." This impression is made by a spirit's own thoughts, and to some degree, by the qualities of the the thoughts of other spirits occupying the same environment.  Under the influence of these fluids, the perispirit, in turn, reacts upon the material organism with which it is molecularly attached, whereby the material body will experience a healthy or negative impression, depending on the fluids' qualities.

* The qualities of these fluids are the key to understanding how Spirits are attracted to one another through a spiritual affinity, be it of a positive or a negative moral nature.

* The fluids and their qualities, along with the semi-material, fluidic "envelope" or body of the spirit, known as the perispirit, play a very important role in the occurrence and process of mediumistic phenomena (see our section on mediumship for more information). 





Click HERE to read in more detail  about action of the spirits  upon the fluids, fluidic creations, thought photography, and  qualities of the fluids in an excerpt from Allan  Kardec's "Genesis".

These are very important topics, key to understanding how we influence and are influenced by our environment, and a must read in order to understand mediumship phenomena. 

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