"Spiritism transforms from a philosophy to a science, when it confirms, by experimentation, the philosophic knowledge that it preaches and disseminates."- Emmanuel, in "The Consoler"

As stated above, the scientific aspect of Spiritism is concerned with both the experimental proof of the existence, survival, and reincarnation of the soul, or spirit, and that of the communicability between the beings of the spirit and material worlds. 

The studies that were done during Kardec's time, and Kardec's documentation, classification, and explanation of them, provide the foundation for the present-day, scientific studies in Spiritism. Following up on Kardec's work and that of his close contemporaries (Leon Denis, Gabriel Delanne, Camille Flammarion, etc), we have continued to study the phenomena that make up the experimental proofs.  We do so, not to validate them, for we feel this has already been done, but to continuously expand on our knowledge of them, benefiting from contributions made by incarnate students of Spiritism, as well as superior spirits who have shared information with us through psychographed books and through messages given in mediumship sessions.


As Pedro Barbosa writes, "Thanks to scientific Spiritism, the ancient, antagonistic divide between science and faith disappears, because now it is no longer about the utopian spiritualism, dogmas, superstitions, the supernatural, or the mystic; it is the very reasoning, the lucid ratiocination, and the most direct logic that, along with the vast study of phenomena, each day more exuberant and confirmed, that form the very bedrock of psychic science."

"Spiritism and Science complement one another; Science, without Spiritism is unable to explain certain phenomena by the material laws alone;  Spiritism, without science, would be without support and examination." - Kardec, in "Genesis"

¹ title translated from the original in Portuguese "O Consolador"

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