At the heart of the Spiritist science is the study of the immortal spirit and our interaction with the spiritual realm.  However, many of the resulting and associated philosophic teachings of Spiritism are of a scientific nature as well, and they are often able to shed a new light on, or sometimes even add a new dimension to, the scientific knowledge acquired thus far by humans, through traditional or academic science. 

In fact, many spiritualist ideas (not necessarily Spiritist, but pertaining to the survival, multiple existences, and characteristics of the soul, or spirit) are starting to emerge in some areas of science that are more on the traditional side, even though they may still not be widely accepted by scientists in that field.  In some countries, like Brazil, there are associations of Spiritists in different scientific fields, applying their knowledge of Spiritism in their professional work.   

An integration with the Spiritist philosophy and science will speed the  evolution and progress of our traditional sciences in some of these areas. Below are just a few examples.

In Human Biology, imagine how our studies of the human body will progress when scientists take into account the existence, not even of just a soul, but of the perispirit╣  and the influence it has on every cell in the material body.  This influence takes place through the perispirit's role as a link between the intelligent spirit and the physical body, and in its stored records of both the spirit's actions in past lives, as well as the trials or expiations that were planned for the present life.  Another role of the perispirit that is related to the field of biology is the influence of the individual's energy field, created by positive or negative thoughts, on the state of the immune system. 

In Sociology, this philosophy of reincarnation teaches us a great deal about the union of individuals in a family, the affinity or lack thereof between certain individuals and cultures, and the evolution of our species,  all of which constitute a wealth of knowledge still untapped by the great majority of today's sociologists.

Looking at Geology and Astronomy, the information in Kardec's books, "The "Spirits' Book" and "Genesis", tells us about the formation of the Earth, the sun, the moon, and the stars, and that's just the beginning.  Scientists are still looking for life on other planets, the existence of which was revealed over one hundred years ago in the "Spirits' Book."  Did you know that Earth is one of the least advanced planets in our solar system in terms of physical and ethical development, or that Mars is even less developed, while Jupiter is considered to be greatly superior to Earth in every respect? You can find this in the "Spirits' Book."

In the science of Psychology, what a difference it will make when, in analyzing our psychological state, we take into account the role of the perispirit, the natural and common occurrences of mediumistic phenomena, and the influence of past lives.  Without having to know the details, the mere knowledge that we have lived before, and that not all our emotions or impulses are caused by events of the present incarnation, will be most illuminating.  The study of mental illness will also make great strides when we consider the influence of less advanced or ill-intentioned, discarnate spirits upon those presently incarnated and with whom they share a common past.  In addition, the healing of suffering souls that is accomplished through this field will grow tremendously in strength when coupled with the application of spiritual healing through fluidic therapy.

In Physics, let us consider the great law of action and reaction, cause and effect. Scientists have discovered this law and many of its roles in the material world, but Spiritism, in teaching about concepts like reincarnation and the affinity of spirits, adds a whole new dimension to our understanding about the influence of these natural laws. 

The above are a few examples of the scientific nature of many of Spiritism's philosophical teachings, and there are many more to be studied.

╣ This is the spirit's semi-material envelope  ̶  See the reading, entitled, "The Perispirit", under our web section on the Philosophic aspect of Spiritism. Like to the latter is found on the menu bar above