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"Spirits are not, as many think, abstract, vague, indefinite beings, nor are they anything like a luminosity or a spark. Quite to the contrary, they are very real beings, with clear identities and shapes."  - Kardec ("Spiritism Easily Explained")

As Allan Kardec said, an erroneous idea still prevails about spirits, which supposes them  to be vague and indefinite beings.  In truth, however, they are beings similar to ourselves. They do not even constitute a distinct creation or population, for in fact, we humans are all spirits, only we are presently incarnated in material bodies as part of the process of reincarnation. Those spirits referred to as "spirits of the dead", "spirits of the invisible world", even "ghosts", are only spirits or souls who were once incarnated in a human body and are, at the time of reference, free from the earthly flesh.

Here we will look at what the basic principles of Spiritism teach about spirits.