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Perceptions and Sensations


The nature and degree of perceptions and sensations depend on the spirits' degree of evolution. The less evolved spirits still involve themselves with the things that they were engaged in during their Earthly lives. For example, a miser, once disincarnated, will still try to guard and look after his treasure, and suffers for not being able to touch and handle his gold.  Another spirit who, while living on Earth, cultivated resentments toward another individual, will continue to focus its thoughts and energies in the same way after passing on to the spirit realm, and will seek to act upon such sentiments. Even after losing their material bodies, the spirits remain influenced by moral vices and will continue to seek out satisfaction for their cravings; that is, until they make the efforts to change  their ways.  However, spirits of a morally sound nature have occupations of a more intellectual and charitable nature. They engage themselves in study and in work that involves the assistance and guidance of men and inferior spirits, all the while without forgetting those still living on Earth for whom they hold loving affections and who they work to protect and guide as much as they can.


through their words, appearance, and behaviors

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