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The perispirit is formed through an individualization of the universal cosmic principle, or fluid. Like the matter of the material body, the semi-material perispirit is a transformation, or condensation, of the cosmic fluid, in this case around a point of intelligence, or the soul, but differing in that it conserves its ethereal qualities.

The spirit, in an instinctive, "automated" manner, forms its perispirit out of the fluids (which are transformed, yet still ethereal forms of the cosmic fluid)  that it extracts from its current environment. We must remember that the nature of the spiritual fluids on and around each planet depends on that planet's level of advancement. So, as a spirit moves from one region to another, its perispirit must be reformed. In this way, the spirit forms the appropriate covering that will allow it to interact with its current environment.

Universal Cosmic Principle, or Fluid = the irreducible and fundamental constituent of all matter, a subtle unifying substance that penetrates throughout the universe

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