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The Effect of the Reactions of Loved Ones 

It must be mentioned here that families, friends, and loved ones of a dying person can have a significant impact on that spirit's transition to the spirit realm, either aiding or hindering it, depending on their emotional state in reaction to the death.  A period of sadness and a sense of loss is normal, especially for those who do not yet  understand, with conviction, the extent to which life continues and to which the bonds of love keep us forever united.  However, an exaggerated display of sorrow or desperation, especially one in which family members "beg" the dying person not to go, can not only make the disconnection process harder, but it will cause the spirit to suffer emotionally, upon seeing the despair of its loved ones; this will hold that spirit back, impeding its needed transition to a new state of life that awaits it.  On the other hand, positive thoughts and mental vibrations, prayers, and emotional stability will actually help the spirit to have a much easier return to its true home.  


For more reading regarding the process of disincarnation, the consequences of different causes of death, and the effects of the attitudes of loved ones left behind, we strongly recommend the book, "Who's Afraid of Death" by Richard Simonetti.


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